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Other websites related to the story about the frauds of McDonald's Corporation.

WARNING : some of the websites listed below are nonofficial websites about given people or institutions or others. I assume that, for now, you will be smart enough to understand which ones are official websites and which ones aren't. For example, the website Christopher-Asher-Wray.com is of course a nonofficial website about Mr. Wray who is the current director of the FBI and the website Federal-Bureau-of-Investigation.com is of course a nonofficial website about the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I will clarify everything further when I have time. Everything will become very clear very soon.

ToJournalists.com : open letters to journalists. Some people have questioned me as to why the media haven't published any stories about my claims that multiple frauds have been committed by McDonald's in respect of their sweepstake McDonald's Monopoly. I don't know why the media have, so far, refused to talk about this story. I am hoping that by writing to journalists and publishing my communications to them under the form of open letters, maybe some of them will start to seriously investigate my claims. I believe that if they seriously investigate, they will realize that my claim that McDonald's has committed multiple counts of fraud is true. I don't have the right to tell journalists what they should or should not write. But I have the right to show the people that I've actually tried to warn the media about this story which I believe to be a Pulitzer Prize story.

AuxJournalistes.com : French version of ToJournalists.com.

APulitzerPrizeStory.com : if journalists are concerned about publishing a story regarding the multiple frauds McDonald's has committed over the years, then, I will tell the story myself. I believe it's a Pulitzer Prize story, hence the name. The fraud in itself is not very interesting. (Actually, as a matter of fact, it) is very interesting. What's more interesting is how McDonald's has succeeded in defrauding so many people, for so many years, in so many countries, without ever getting caught. One of the reason, I believe, is that people can have extremely strong biases. But I also believe there might be other reasons.

McDonaldsBankruptcy.com : I believe that if the Rule of Law is respected, McDonald's Corporation is currently virtually bankrupt. Why? It's hard to explain in a few words some issues which can be quite complex but I will try my best to explain it. Meanwhile, I am soon going to publish a document on this website.

MCDstockInvestors.com : I believe McDonald's has committed multiple counts of fraud. I am 100 percent positive that they have committed fraud in France. As for the other countries, I prefer not to speculate for now. However, it's not uninteresting to note that after I've sent a formal notice to McDonald's USA and McDonald's Corporation, it seems, if I am not mistaken, that the McDonald's Monopoly sweepstake stopped being organized in the United States. Is there a relation between this formal notice and the fact they seem to have ceased organizing their scam in the United States? Who knows? I intend to start sending formal notice to investors who invest in McDonald's Corporation. It's illegal to knowingly finance a criminal enterprise. I therefore need to clearly make them understand why McDonald's is a criminal enterprise.

Cédric VillaniCedricVillani.fr : I've begged Mr. Villani, recipient of the Fields Medal and currently a member of the French Parliament, to confirm my statement that the claim of McDonald's, that consumers had 1 chance out of 4 per sticker to win instantly, was false. One of his staff people answered me that if they can, they will do something. I know he can do something. Therefore I know he will do something. I believe it's only a matter of time. I know it's a big thing to ask but I have faith in him. Please understand that it's not necessary to be a math genius to understand that the claim of McDonald's France, that consumers had 1 chance out of 4 per sticker to win instantly, is a lie and therefore a fraud. Anyone can understand this mathematical problem which is related to the field of probabilities. But not everyone will have the courage to state publicly that the statement McDonald's made was false.

FrancoisMolins.com : François Molins used to be Paris' Public Prosecutor. This website must be updated. However, if you speak French, you can already understand the fraud McDonald's has committed by falsely claiming consumers had 1 chance out of 4 per sticker to win a prize instantly. It was a lie. They only had 1 chance out of 8 per sticker. What was written on the fine print in France wasn't that consumers had 1 chance of 8. No. It was written consumers had 1 chance out of 2. Journalists can ask Fields Medal recipient Mr. Cédric Villani whether I am right or wrong. Like I said, I have faith in his integrity and I believe that if asked, he will confirm that what I am saying is the truth.

NicoleBelloubet.com : open letters that I will address to the French Minister of Justice Ms. Belloubet. For the records, I am starting to seriously question her integrity.

Emmanuel MacronMacron-Emmanuel.com : open letters that I will address to the President of France Mr. MACRON. Ultimately, I intend to raise the question as to whether article 432-1 of the French penal code could apply to the French President. I know that theoritically, it's possible. What about in practice? I really want to believe that he is a good man but just the same way I am starting to question Ms. Belloubet's integrity, I am also starting to question Mr. Macron's integrity. I simply can't fathom why the French authorities are so reluctant to open a criminal investigation.

McDonaldsCorruption.com : I am seriously wondering whether McDonald's has succeeded, somehow, I don't know how but somehow, to corrupt French officials. McDonald's has committed multiple counts of fraud in France. I am under the strong impression that McDonald's is currently being given a free pass at breaking the law.

Christopher Asher WrayChristopher-Asher-Wray.com : open letters to the Director of the FBI. I intend to ask Mr. Wray to open an investigation into this case. I don't know American laws very well. I have questions regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. I have questions regarding the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Finally, I also have questions about money laundering : considering McDonald's France is a criminal enterprise, if the proceeds of this criminal enterprise are reinvested, whether it's in the United States or in other countries, could this be considered to be a form of money laundering? I take a wild guess that it would indeed be a form of money laundering.

Federal-Bureau-of-Investigation.com : I know that Mr. Wray must be a very busy man. On this website will be published other open letters which will be addressed to other agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Jay ClaytonWalterJayClayton.com : I believe that McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook is currently defrauding investors by failing to issue a profit warning explaining clearly the current situation. I will address open letters to the Chairman of the SEC Mr. Jay Clayton.

Securities-and-Exchange-Commission.com : open letters which will be addressed to other people working at the SEC.

JosephJSimons.com : open letters to the FTC Chairman Mr. Joseph J. Simons.

federal-trade-commission.com : open letters to the FTC Commissioners.

Steve-Easterbrook.com : open letters to the CEO of McDonald's Corporation. I believe I've already made it impossible for Mr. Easterbrook to claim plausible deniability. I believe he should be arrested.

ECtHRwatch.org : I will list here all the cases I file with the European Court of Human Rights. I will give detailed explanations about how France has knowingly and for years been violating my human rights.

Linos-Alexandre-Sicilianos.com : open letters to the President of the European Court of Human Rights Mr. Sicilianos.

Angelika-Nussberger.com : open letters to the Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights Ms. Nußberger.

Robert-Spano.com : open letters to the Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights Mr. Spanó.

USA-v-McDonalds.org : I believe the McDonald's Monopoly sweepstake in the United States was probably illegal. I need to update the information on the website.

China-v-McDonalds.com : a fraud may have happened in China. It's serious but the scam which has taken place in China doesn't compare to the frauds which have happened in France. More information soon.


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